We help connect people digitally

Since 1997 we have implemented IT Systems, delivering tangible value for our clients by improving workflows and creating smarter document handling. Our clients range from small, local businesses to bigger corporations both in Denmark and abroad.

We bridge the gap between IT and business and we can help optimize your business processes internally as well as externally using IT.

Regardless of the project, we always emphasize a close cooperation with our clients management and employees to ensure we understand your business.

Cloud hosted or On premise solution? Our goal is to meet your needs and expectations and turn them into actual business value and make sure you can make the right decisions for your business.

We also offer daily support with the smaller tasks that are often needed to keep the business moving forward.

Digital Solutions 

The solutions we create focuses on the information and knowledge based administrative and management related tasks in the organization.

Our expertise in creating digital solutions primarily revolves around these elements:

  • Documents
  • E-mails
  • Customers
  • Self-service
  • Case handling
  • Project management
  • Contract Management
  • Board work
  • Filing systems



BoardPlace is a digital tool designed to help boards work smarter and more efficient.

With easy digitalized access to important documents such as agendas, reports, annexes and statutes you can work smarter as a board member.

Instead of spending time on conflicting versions of documents – BoardPlace allows you to focus on the strategic part of the board work and become more efficient with your time.

Files are accessible on- and offline allowing you to work from anywhere.

Digital Business

The conditions your business operate under in order to succeed, depends a great deal on the ability of your business to adapt and navigate in the ever changing and increasingly digital world.

Every business is affected by this digital mega trend – so the question becomes whether or not you actively seek to incorporate digitalization into your own business and business plans or if you’ll simply let the digital trend affect the business from the outside.

Digitalization is not a goal – it is however, a ressource in the shape of competencies that lifts your business towards reaching your goals.

We help the business’ management and organization getting digitalization on the agenda. Because that’s where it starts.

Our consultants, methods and tools helps your business:

  • Gain insight into the digital maturity of your business
  • With an overview of your business from an outside-in perspective
  • To understand the primary relation’s (customer types, employees etc.) cycles in relation to the business, both in terms of needs and value.
  • To handle business processes as the core function in reaching your goals.
  • Digital support of the business – With shorter TTM (Time-To-Market) and TOM (Time-On-Market) the conditions require adaptability in a global market where customers, ressources and partnerships can change rapidly.

It is a must to be able to navigate the business swiftly. That’s what we can help you achieve through either sparring, consulting advice, education, implementation and support of digital tools and methods in the business.